Plastic Injection Molding Quality Guarantee

Plastic Injection Molding SolutionsQuality is accomplished by an unrelenting commitment to get it right, every time. Our strategy in this regard is numerous parallel efforts to achieve this objective.

  1. We work out a very detailed “standard operating procedure” (SOP) that our Canadian Molding team trains on and follows to the letter.
  2. As part of the SOP, we collect audit data so that in the unlikely event there is a problem with production, we can quickly identify the source issue and correct.
  3. We extensively researched many name brand presses and chose our latest generation presses based on ability to replicate the part perfectly every time. You wonít find Chinese presses in our plant. They just donít build to the exact specís we demand for our Canadian & American customers.
  4. We use the extensive technology parameters of our ďstate of the artĒ presses to monitor our molding process continually to ensure perfection.
  5. We conduct random spot checks on molded product at various stages of assembly to further eliminate the possibility of problems.
  6. If, in the unlikely event a part is delivered to our customer that isnít 100% within spec, we will replace immediately with no questions asked.
  7. Remote web monitoring while running lights out. Numerous threshold alarms notify the team if a problem arises while our manufacturing process is running ďliteís outĒ
  8. A world class tool shop adjacent to the molding facility to keep your mold in perfect shape. Youíre always at the front of the line as a molding customer.
  9. Our molding team is dedicated to perfection and monitors production and assembly.
  10. Our teamís dedication to quality has allowed us to never miss any shipping dates. Your product will arrive perfect and on time.

Our philosophy is quite simple, If our customers are successful, we are successful.

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